Professional Sound Systems

KM monitor was hentai porn videos established in 1976 by Mr. Konstantinos Boufidis and is active in the distribution of professional sound systems providing with reliability and responsibility for more than 39 years integrated solutions.

In 1999 it entered dynamically in the car black gay audio sector gaining a leading position in the market and getting distinguished for its products thus opening a new page in the In Car Entertainment.

In 2008 the experience was combined with the next generation and a new company was established under the registered name BOUFIDOU celebrity porn EVLAMPIA & Co, LP continuing mobile porn sites the recognized efforts and the appreciation of both the suppliers and the customers who supported in the past and today KM monitor.

On naked celebrities the 23rd of November 2015 ΚΜ monitor is moving to a naked celebrities privately own building in Nikolaou celeb gossip Plastira 75, Agii Anargiri P.C. 13562 which will accommodate the offices, the warehouse and the show room.


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